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Would you like to Become a Sponsor?

There are opportunities available to become a title sponsor for other Farmers Feed Cities programs. If you are interested in learning more about these opportunities please let us know.

Farmers Feed Cities Fair and Event Kits- Hyland Seeds

Farmers Feed Cities would like to thank our friends at Hyland Seeds for sponsoring our very popular Fair and Event Kits.

Thanks to their support we are able to provide displays and promotional items to fairs and events throughout Ontario. These fair and event organizers are in turn helping to spread the message of Farmers Feed Cities and creating a more sustainable farming industry.

Ontario Farmer Updates- Hyland Seeds

It’s very important to keep farmers across the province up to date with what’s happening at Farmers Feed Cities. Thanks to the support from Hyland Seeds we are now able to do this through monthly updates in the Ontario Farmer.

Keep your eye out for our updates while flipping through the paper. Our monthly updates contain news items such as campaign developments, events, urban media outreach and much more.