Farmers Feed Cities

Mission Statement

Farmers Feed Cities is committed to increasing the understanding of the value that farmers contribute to Ontario’s economic physical and social health. Farmers Feed Cities is committed to ensuring a sustainable future for farmers in Ontario.

Vision Statement

Farmers Feed Cities will be a major driver in ensuring a thriving and sustainable farming industry in Ontario. We will promote a greater understanding of the significant contributions made by farmers to the wellbeing of our province

  • Commit to increasing every Ontarian’s understanding of the importance of a strong farming industry
  • Recognize the importance of fostering collaborative partnerships with farmers, industry, community organizations, school groups and the public
  • Commit to underscoring the relationship between healthy farming and a healthy Ontario
  • Demonstrate passion, excitement  and commitment in all facets of the campaign
  • Execute responsible financial decisions in respect to our shareholders – the farmers
  • Commit to managing an established, influential and effective brand
  • Demonstrate a commitment to sustaining Ontario’s farming industry