Farmers Feed Cities

Spreading the Word Far and Wide

Farmers Feed Cities works hard ensure Ontarians understand the significant contributions made by farmers to the well being of our province. Some of the ways we get this message out is through our various programs and kits we have developed.

Farm Market Kits

Farmers’ markets and on farm markets are popping up all across Ontario. These markets have become an increasingly popular way for consumers to purchase fresh, local food. There are more than 150 registered farmers’ markets and over 300 registered on farm markets in Ontario.

Farmers Feed Cities Farm Market Kits are available to farmers’ markets and on farm markets across the province. These kits will allow vendors to take a dynamic role in enlightening their customers about our farming industry. The kits will consist of materials such as literature, stickers, window decals and when funding is available, signs and t-shirts.

If you are interested in learning more or receiving a Farm Market Kit please contact us.

Fair and Event Kits

Organizers of fairs and events throughout Ontario will have the opportunity to spread the message of Farmers Feed Cities and help create a more sustainable farming industry for our province.

The Farmers Feed Cities Fair and Event Kits will be provided to agricultural societies and event organizers when requested. There is no charge to receive a kit, however the display must be returned to the Farmers Feed Cities office in Guelph upon completion of the event or fair.

Fair and Event Kits include a Farmers Feed Cities display, stickers, window decals, literature and activity pages. These kits are full of valuable resources which can be handed out by one of your team members or volunteers during your event or fair.

If you are interested in learning more about our Fair and Event Kits or would like to sign up for one please contact us.

Friend a Farmer Program

The Friend a Farmer program provides an interactive opportunity for young Ontarians to meet a farmer and ask questions about where their food comes from. Students and teachers will come to understand how Ontario’s farming industry is an important driver to the social, economic and physical health of our province. 

The success of the Friend a Farmer program is dependent on the recruitment of teachers and farmers that are interested in educating our youth of the importance of farming. If you're interested in participating in this program (as a farmer or teacher)  please contact us.