Farmers Feed Cities

Looking for more resources – we have them!

Whether you’re looking for activity sheets for your class, some fast farm facts, a poster to display or an in depth booklet to answer your questions about farming in Ontario you can find it all here.

Fast Farm Facts
•1 Ontario Farm = Food for 120 People
•11 Days + Ontario Corn = Oxygen for Ontario for 1 Year
•Farming is Ontario’s 2nd Largest Industry
•98% of Ontario Farms are Family Owned
•A 10X20 Foot Field of Wheat = 26 Boxes of Cereal

FFC Literature
This postcard sized piece of literature explains what Farmers Feed Cities is and why Farming in Ontario is important. It also lists our website and social media addresses.

Activity Page

On our FFC activity page children can colour the farm and city landscape, try a farm word search and test their knowledge with some fast farm facts. Feel free to make copies of this resource.

The Real Dirt on Farming II  
You will find the answers to all your questions about food and farming in Canada in the new booklet, “The Real Dirt on Farming II”.

The Real Dirt on Farming II - Teachers Guide  (Grades 9-12)
Like the original booklet, “The Real Dirt on Farming II - Teachers Guide” is an excellent source to answer all your questions regarding food and farming in Canada. This particular booklet is specially designed to be a classroom resource for secondary school teachers.

Chatter Box
An ideal handout for children. This chatter box game is both fun and informative, highlighting lots of information about farming.

Virtual Farm Tour
You’re only a click away from visiting a number of real, working Canadian farms. Visit this site to take a virtual tour several different types of farm operations.

Virtual Farm Tour - Teachers Guide
This document is specially designed to be a classroom guide for teachers wishing to take their students on a virtual farm tour.

Agricultural Map of Ontario
A great tool for young people who are interested in where their food comes from. This map offers interesting Ontario farm facts, as well as an informative, unique and creative design which emphasizes what produce comes from which particular area in Ontario.